National Cohort

2020 Cohort Program Participants

Saniya Ali

PhD, Biomedical Engineering

“I am passionate about innovating technologies that address unmet clinical needs, are cost-effective, and applicable at a global-scale. ”

Baindu Bayon

PhD, Medical & Molecular Genetics; founder of Harpii, LLC

“I believe that entrepreneurship drives innovation forward and can incentivize creative thinking in science. I want to be an entrepreneur because I think I can contribute to the biomedical ecosystem in a new way.”

Crystal Burton

Founder of DMC Holdings

“I behold vision, character and integrity that strengthens my creativity and dedication towards my passions in life. I want to be of service to my community and inspire others to strive for their best. I can do these things in the capacity that I envision by operating my own business on my terms.”

Kasey Claborn

PhD, Clinical Psychology; founder of HealthEcho, Inc

“I want to be able to commercialize the products and technologies that I develop in the academic sector to improve access to patient care and health outcomes for people with substance use disorders… Bridging the academic and industry sectors is key to accomplishing [heathcare sector transformation]. “

Laurel Crosby

PhD, Civil and Environmental Engineering; founder of Genius Diagnostics, Inc

“Through entrepreneurship, I can learn how to get out of the lab and start helping real people.”

Poorva Dharkar

PhD, Biotechnology; MBA

“I want to create change, by building capacity and creating economic opportunities, and I know I can do it with the right balance of training, mentoring and risk-taking.”

Erika Dillard

PhD, Microbiology and Immunology; MD

“As a physician entrepreneur, my overall motivation is improvement in health outcomes, particularly of patients who undergo surgical procedures.”

Erica Dozier

BA, Film & Television

“I see the empowering possibilities of choosing your own path as an entrepreneur. In the future, I look forward to building a stronger minority business community.”

Almudena Espin Perez

PhD, Bioinformatics

“[I want to be an entrepreneur] to advance the field of health care and early cancer diagnosis with my research…. Good algorithms and inventions in academia… don’t make it into clinics….If I can learn about what is useful and what do I need, I can make the step of translating my research into clinics.

Dimitra Georganopoulou

PhD, Bioelectrochemistry; founder of MyGenomeRx

“I enjoy the thrill of innovation, and creation of solutions to today’s market problems and needs.”

Annette Gilchrist

PhD, Immunology; founder of MyGenomeRx

“I gain satisfaction from the knowledge that other people find use in the products that I have worked on.”

Stephanie Hooker

PhD, Ceramic Engineering

“My goal is to help [entrepreurial scientists] find ways to maximize the potential of their research and to help them navigate the best route to get their technology to market.”

Li-Mei Lin

MD (Neurosurgery)

“[I want to be an entrepreneur because I] desire to make a greater impact than treating one patient at a time.”

Lynn Mayo

BS, Civil Engineering

“[I want to be an entrepreneur because I] want to make a difference in people’s lives.”

Jess Rowell

MS, Science Education

“I am in charge of my future and I have a lot to offer as an independent developer the science/STEM education industry.”

Azita Yazdani

BS, Chemical Engineering; MBA; founder of Exergy Systems, Inc.

“I set out to bring technology solutions to help customers achieve a “Zero-footprint” impact in their manufacturing processes; … manufacturing is an integral part of our livelihood but as humans we can no longer live with its impacts on our health, children’s health and the plant’s health.”

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